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Network Security Monitoring

It isn’t hard to imagine the benefits of having someone or something watching over your network 24/7. Networks are made up of computers and devices, any of which can have a problem that affects everybody and everything else.

Network security monitoring watches your network for telltale signs of trouble, usually fixing them before you even know there was a problem. You go do what you do. Leave the network to us.

  • We can control any screen using Datto RMM’s integrated VNC, RDP, or Splashtop tools. We can also manage and support any network device using integrated SSH/Telnet and HTTP proxy
  • Monitor in real-time for performance issues like low disk space, high CPU, low memory and network latency on any application, platform or device
  • System uses Hallman’s monitors like WMI, Perfmon, SNMP, Network Bandwidth, and Eventlog
  • Real-time monitoring for performance issues like low disk space, high CPU, low memory and network latency on any application, platform or device
  • Remote fixes mean you may never know there was even a problem before we fix it
  • Fast setup, low learning curve
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Network Security Monitoring

You have a network. It was probably there when you started. It works fine, so you don't give it a second thought. If something goes wrong, you'll give it that second thought, get it fixed then forget about it all over again. If you work for a big company, you probably have a person or a company that takes care of your network, and that's what Network Security Monitoring does for you. Turns out, there's more here than meets the eye.

Network Security Monitoring acts as a network support team to monitor the overall health of your network. From the design (or redesign (if you've moved or switched to a different layout) to maximizing the bandwidth in the office and for the internet, Network Security Monitoring can make a big difference in performance when you come in Monday morning.

Network Security Monitoring is available in our Starter, Advanced and Professional packages.

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Our maximum package, touching on all areas of technology and providing the ultimate level of monitoring and maintenance. Medium to large businesses.

  • Remote & IT Support
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Endpoint & DNS Protection
  • Backup & Business Continuity
  • Office 365 Deployment & Support
  • Third-Party Vendor Support
  • Add...

  • File Sync & Share
  • Security Awareness Training
  • VoIP Phones
  • Standalone (Add to Any Package)

  • Managed Security Services
  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Professional Package

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