You do what you do. We'll look after the Computers.

Hallman MSP is a Managed Service Provider for small, medium and large businesses. We're proud of our partners and sponsors and our competitive, easy-to-understand pricing model.

June, 2018

Hallman Group rebrands Hallman MSP

Hallman Group rebrands Hallman MSP with a new logo, a new website and new website videos. All of this is part of our effort to make our industry and its offers more understandable and accessible. We've packaged products and limited technical jargon. Let us know how we are doing.

July, 2018

Hallman MSP adds some services and packages others

Hallman MSP simplifies managed services selections by creating three easy-to-understand packages: Starter ($99/user), Advanced ($149/user) and Professional ($199/user). We also offer standalone products that can be bought individually.

November, 2018

CyberSecurity comes to Hallman MSP

In response to the almost out-of-control bitcoin ransom threat, Hallman MSP has begun the selection process for a managed security services platform that would be a fit for small and medium sized businesses. Launch date is in March, 2019.

March, 2019

Hallman MSP is now an ISP!

Hallman MSP announces that they will begin to provide internet services to local area businesses. In addition to offering high speed cable internet, we have DSL and fibre optic available as well. This works especially well for those adopting VoIP phones, which use the internet and not telephone lines.